Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fitness fashion

Sorry for not posting so long but there are so many fantastic fashion websites out there, I kinda got caught in just reading other peoples blogs instead. One really great one is

On the newsfront:
First - I just started using an amazing new conditioner:

It's called Protein FX from Frederic Fekkai. It smells awesome, like vanilla and caramel and when I use it my hair is really shiny and healthy. It's of course not cheap but you don't need to use a whole lot of it.

Second - my fiance (yes, he is my fiance now), have started to do some fitness and yoga. At the moment we are just doing it at home but if I ever decide to take classes (and I think I will at some point), I will want to make sure I am dressed appropriately. My workout gear at the moment consists of some shapeless H+M sweatpants and a few Adidas t-shirts.
My first purchase however will be a yoga mat. I have been working out with a normal workout mat and let me tell you - it's not good for you. Normal workout mats are slippery and just don't give you the support you need. With yoga it is very important that you do the exercises the right way, otherwise they won't work or even worse - work against you.
So here is the baby I laid my eyes one (it's also kind of my only choice since there is only one shop in our town that sells yoga gear and thats the only kind of mat they sell):

Nike yoga mat - but in purple, not in pink

Yoga wear is also becoming more and more fashionable. There are some companies who do nothing but produce yoga gear. One of them is PrAna. Even though they belong to Liz Claiborne, they claim there stuff is 100% organic. It's definitely pretty.
Here is a sample outfit for a good yoga workout:

Also ex-supermodel Christy Turlington has a beautiful line of yoga clothing that she did with Puma. The line is called Nuala.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Look alike

I found this cool new website where you can check who you look alike. It scans your pic, it's really amazing.

I do think I look a little bit like some of them. I am not sure about Audrey Tatou though, even though I think she is gorgeous.

I tried it with a different picture and got a different result. I think more people on the list below resemble me, even though I had the highest results with Virginia Mayo - the older lady on the top. I hope I will look like that when I am her age.

Try it yourself at

Friday, July 28, 2006

Vintage jewellery

I found this really great site featuring replicas of famous, Hollywood jewellery as used by icons like Marilyn Monroe or Jean Harlow.

The Hollywood Collection sells reproductions of cinematic jewels to quite affordable prices. Of course it's not real diamonds but I think they have some really beautiful stuff.

I love t his victorian bracelet from the Marilyn Monroe collection

New bags

As I have said before, I am somewhat of a bag-affecionato. My current objects of desire are:

Mulberry Emmy bag

Marc Jacob's Stem bag

But my favorite is still the Celine Boogie Satchel. They sell a superbeautiful new version in brown, with as they call it 'couture detail. It's really stunning. You can check it out at www.celine .com - unfortunately I couldn't post a picture.

All pictures are property of

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fall 2006 couture2

Valentino is relatively behaved as usual ...

except ...

shiny, support tights are back! To be honest, I don't think I have been interested in fashion long enough to actually see shiny, support tights to ever be in fashion but whatever. These tights are so opaque - we never have to shave our legs again! Yay!

having said that, I do really like some of the dresses from the collection:

I am not sure about the flowers but I do love the colour, the glitter and the cut.

It might not be the best colour for such a pale beauty though ... Imagine Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing this dress. Better. Way better.

Ok, the model kinda looks like Brigitte Nielsen but I LOVE that dress. This colour is awesome! The floaty material and all ... I adore it!

There was one collection I really liked though - Elie Saabs, the collection was flattering, pretty and daring at the same time. That's clothes women can actually wear.

Purple dream, that's the most beautiful dress I have seen in a long time.

I love the print of the skirt.

Summing it up - my guess is - next winter black, grey and pale purple will be back. And Elie Saab rocks.

Fall 2006 couture

It's runway time again. This time we feature pirates, dead people and even astronauts.

Dior was probably the most 'inventive' show that features such species as:

The giant hipped mermaid

The egyptian, one-armed bandit

Edward Scissorhand's bride to be

and a fashionable bush that doesn't need to be trimmed (coz it's a dress)

The whole collection is great - see more a Galiano himself showed up dressed as an astronaut.

Christian Lacroixs collection is a colourful feast of ethnical diversity.

His show should have been called 'Around the world in 80 days ... with ruffles'

Givenchy had some pretty nice outfits, all in white, grey and black

What I don't like is the make up. I am serious - I didn't paint these beards on.

(more in the next entry ...)

Monday, June 26, 2006


I LOVE vintage. It doesn't even matter so much from which time - the 30s, the 40s, the 50s, 70s - as long as it's not the 80s ...

Anyway, I think reviving the old ages certainly helped some celebrities finding their own, personal style. It's especially great for hourglass or pear-shaped girls as these days woman are more and more apple-shaped - saying lot's of tummy, no waist, no bottom, maybe big boobs. Well in the 50s most women were pear-shaped or hour-glass shaped, thus the dresses were made to enhance this and to make woman with this kind of figure look better. I think great examples for stars who use vitage or neo-vintage clothing to enhance their figure are Scarlett Johannson and these days also Christina Aguilera (who would have thought this girl would ever find a good stylist).

But the queen of vintage fashion must be Dita Von Teese. She is sooooo beautiful. I absolutely adore her, even though she is basically a stripper (she does 'burlesque shows where she takes all her clothes off apart from a few pieces of strategically placed diamond jewellery), you must admire somebody who always looks so perfect and really knows what suits her. And apart from that, even though I would never go to a strip show, I would most certainly go to a burlesque show. It's totally glam.

Here a couple of pictures of the woman who's walk-in-closet I would most like to have a look in and who I hope I get to take pictures of someday:

Here with husband Marilyn Manson (even though I don't think he is attractive at all, they do make an interesting couple) picture property of

Pale and beautiful.

That purple dress was her wedding gown. If I am not mistaken it's a custom made Moschino dress that she is wearing.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Cheap Euro chique

Today I will try to put together an outfit that is reasonably priced (yet sexy and stylish). I tried to search for products available in mainland Europe but had quite some difficulties finding pictures online so I decided to pick clothes that are mainly available in the UK. It least it can be an inspiration and it's possible to get a good outfit on a low budget.

The t-shirt:

XX by Mexx. This costs around 20 Euros in the shops.

The cardigan (to wear over top):

This pretty, yellow cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins. It's retailing for 16 Pounds.

The jeans:

The Gap Original Low Rise Flare in Dark Tinted Vintage. Depending on the shoes you wear with them, they can look sexy or relaxed and girly. The dark colour, the flare and the low cut makes them quite flattering.
They are on sale and only about 30 Euros.

The shoes:

Ballet pumps from Urban Outfitters.
I actually own these shoes (in dark blue) and I really love them. They are about 15 Euros and they are pretty and supercomfortable. Also Urban has them in about 6 different colours.

The bag:

Black fake-leather bag at Accessoirize. It's 25 Pounds. I am really addicted to Accessoirize. I have about six bags from them. My favorites are their coloured suede leather bags. They have a beautiful grey one which would go perfectly with the ballerina shoes in the picture above but unfortunately was not available on their website.


'Key to my heart' charm necklace at Urban Outiftters. It's around 15 Euros.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yummy smells

I don't think it's sexy to smell like a melon. Strawberry body lotion makes me nauseous. I admit, I had a serious lip smacker addiction in my teens but I can savely say that I have outgrown it.
One basic rule I follow is - if body care products are too heavily scented, they cause allergies and the money that the company should have invested in the ingredients of the product probably went into researching the perfume.

Anyway, I do like a subtle yummy smell in products like shampoo and shower gel, so here are my favorite yummy smelling products:

1. Le Petit Marseillais Shower Gel - Lait d'Amande Extra Douce
That's the yummiest, softest, nicest shower gel ever. I first picked it up on a trip to Nice (I have lot's of fond memories of this trip) and since then I get it whenever I am in France. You can also get it in some speciality stores in other countries for double the price though. It's a great product - the smell is not overwhelming (I hate it when you are in the shower and the smell of your shower gel is so strong it makes you nauseous) and it really makes your skin softer. Say have it in lot's of awesome scents like Ginger and Green Tea also but I always get back to the Lait d'Amande Extra Douce.

Picture is property of

2. Bath and Body Works Pure Simplicity Rejuvinating Ginger Hand Cream
Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture for this one. I think they might not sell it anymore but that would be a shame. It's a beautiful product. I am not a huge Bath&Body Works fan since they use a lot of perfume in their products and it's as expensive as other brands which I find better (eg Dr Hauschka). Anyhow, their Pure Simplicity line is great. This handcream was for the longest time the only hand cream I would use. First of all the ginger smell is lovely (and reminds me of summer and my boyfriends sisters wedding which was beautiful), it makes my skin supersoft, even after month of using it, my skin still wasn't used to it so it still worked and it absorbs quickly also. So, shame if they discontinued it.
Another great smelling (and tasting) Bath and Body Works product is C.O Bigelows Mentha Lip Tint in Red. It tastes like Junior Mints or After Eights and it gives a nice, red shine.
3. Aussie Shampoo Three Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner
I got compliments for the way my hair smelled after using this. Aussie Three Minute Miracle Conditioners are also the only cheap stuff I will ever put on my hair. I am a total shampoo snob.